Late update Sports Day photos taken by Zen Alexie Jumaoas at Language Center

2018.06.11 学校行事

These photos were taken last 25th of May 2018 during the Seirinkan High School’s Sports Day.


Hello, everyone!  My name is Zen Alexie Jumaoas and I am one of the English teachers at the Language Centre of Seirinkan High School.  One of my hobbies is photography.  I like to share what I see to everyone.  I like to take pictures of the nature and “human interests.”  In this case, during SHS Sports Day, the reactions of the students involved of the action.  I seldom take “posed” pictures because I also want to capture the emotions, the raw and natural ones.  It adds to the dramatic effect of the picture.


I may be teaching English, but through the pictures I shared I can make each individual viewers feel and understand.